Once in every two weeks we meet with a group of students for our Student Bible Study. We usually start at 6:30pm with a meal, followed by the study, which takes max. 90 minutes. The studies are prepared by either a guest speaker, or one of the participants.

After the study there is therefore a possibility to stay and discuss the study, your own life as a student, your favourite cup of tea, the latest football match, or anything else that dominates your thoughts.

28 February – Pancake Tuesday and Lent Preparation
14 March – Creator of Heaven and Earth, all things invisible
28 March – We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God
11 April – He came down from heaven for our salvation, He suffered death and was buried
25 April – He rose again on the third day
9 May – He ascended into heaven
23 May – He will come again to judge the living and the dead
6 June – And his kingdom will have no end
27 June – Concluding activity

Everyone is welcome – if you need details of location and time please contact Erik Heemskerk, Student Ministry Coordinator of the Holy Trinity Church, Utrecht.